First Ever Small Business Gift Guide! (Let's SHOP!)

Kathryn Carnohan

It's the most wonderful time of the year...where we shop and we shop and we shop till we drop and we still cannot FIND...the most perfect present of all!  Okay, did you sing that last sentence?  Because it TOTALLY works and I don't want you to miss how much fun that is.  Whether you sang it or not, you catch my drift, right?  It's that time of year where everywhere you turn there's a sale, an event, or a party to go to.  And Christmas shopping with the masses has begun.  

No matter if you're an online shopper, a wait-till-the-last-minute shopper, or a super practical gift buyer, we all have the same struggle.  Finding that perfect thing for that special someone.  And it's totally okay with me if "that special someone" is yourself!  One of the BEST parts of social media to me, is discovering all these talented and amazing women (and men of course!) who create unique things.  Often, these are the best gifts of all, because they have meaning.  They were made with love and are typically one of a kind.  Yes, I love it when I get a handmade gift.  But let's get real, I'm not good at "hand making" things, so I purchase those items from people who are!  Along those lines, here it is: my first ever annual CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE!  I've got some pairings for you, because like wine and cheese, clothing can go together beautifully!

Black poppyfields tee + Warrior Choker


You all probably know that nothing is hotter right now than graphic tees and chokers!  And when you put them together?  Magic!  MtnSoulJewelry is a jewelry shop on Etsy, handcrafted by one of the sweetest girls you will ever talk to.  She is creative and encouraging and just a lovely soul.  And her jewelry isn't half bad either :)  Wear these two or gift them for the perfect look!

White poppyfields tee + MesaDreams Leather Earrings

How unique are these earrings?  I love how they bring out the vintage orange in the tee and really make this into an OUTFIT.  I mean, add some jeans and you're done!  Guaranteed, no one else will have on this same outfit and you'll stand out in the best possible way.  MesaDreams on Etsy has beautiful tooled leather that will blow your mind!

Rock and Roll Mom Jeans + DaisyFayeDesigns Skinny Scarf

Skinny scarves and Levis...two things that are also so on trend right now.  One of the most fun things about a skinny scarf is that you can wear it a number of different ways and it is EASY to deal with.  Nothing looks chicer than some distressed Levis and a scarf.  DaisyFayeDesigns makes the SOFTEST scarves and they are so worth it.  

California Dreaming Tee + BlueCorduroy Beanie

This is California style at it's best.  A slouchy tee and a beanie...because us Californians like to look like we just left the beach looking that good.  The softest, slouchiest tee ever plus a GORGEOUS handmade beanie make for the perfect weekend attire.  Emily of BlueCorduroy is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.  She just radiates light and to be honest, I'd like to be more like her!  She makes insanely adorable hats for kids and adults...and nothing beats a beanie for a winter day!

Bohemian Rhapsody Kimono + Township31 Sun Necklace


One of my favorite things about Instagram is that I met Arwyn, or on Instagram she's known as @township31.  Let me tell you about this lady.  She's good at EVERYTHING.  I'm not joking.  So when I put this necklace on with my favorite kimono in the world (you may think I'm biased, but I promise you it's that good), it was like a match made in creative heaven.  You could wear a plain shirt and jeans with this and you'd look like the most put together gal in the room.  And that's a GOOD Christmas gift!  
(She sells primarily on Instagram so for the necklace, go to @township31 and direct message her).

And there you have it!  Some pairings that most any gal would go nuts for...and hey, don't forget about the wine and cheese because those are always a good combo too! :)

Merry Month Of December!  


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