Frequently Asked Questions...That Have Never Been Asked Before

Eric Willis

Yes, you sure read that right!  This is all about those questions you may want to ask...but just haven't yet!  And yes, if you have more questions, please do ask them, because I am happy to answer all of them, unless they involve really hard math, in which case I will definitely point you to a calculator. 

Let's talk about some practical things, for starters, just so you know a little more about Velvet California as it is now and where it's going!  

Prices.  Let's talk about money money money.  Because in my experience, this is always a biggie when it comes to shopping!  To be honest, I'd make a horrible business woman because I'd probably just give everything away for free.  However, you clearly can't run a business that way, and there are a lot of pieces and people involved in the creation of each item of clothing that, well, gotta get paid.  The reality is too, that things just cost more when you don't outsource them to sweat shop type labor.  For example, the shirts I print on are made by a company who partners with fair trade labor.  That means that the cost of the shirt itself is more than double what it would be if I bought it from a factory in, say, China.  There's no way you can sell that kind of thing for Target prices.  Also, everything I am doing is in smaller batches, which means I'm ordering less than 100 pieces...that means the cost is greater.  But you know what feels good to me? Paying people what they are worth.  It gives me great joy to get to know the pattern maker, the seamstress, and the shirt printers...and to be able to pay them for a job well done.  I love that part.  So the long and the short of it is, yes, the prices will be higher...but it's worth it to me to know that I'm supporting people with families who do amazing work with happy hearts!

Products.  I have a LOT of ideas and vision for new products.  For original creations straight outta my noggin...but those take much longer than the re-imagined vintage products, so those are just slower going!  My hope is that soon I will be able to get a large group of products, both original and re-imagined, and do a collection release every few months.  But until then, I'm going to be releasing products as they are ready, so daily to weekly most like.  I love getting to create things that I dream up AND I love taking things with history and giving them new life, so most likely, Velvet California will always have elements of both these things.

Preparation.  Thank you, for being with me since the beginning of this dream.  I am sure that the website, the photos, and all the details will begin to look quite different over time as I can do things like hire a photographer, printing my own fabrics, and adding more professional touches.  But we all have to start somewhere, right?  And to be quite honest, I tend to put a huge amount of pressure and expectation on things which leads to them becoming significantly less fun than they should be.  And I love this, I love these products, and I never want to turn something into a chore that should be a joy.  So instead of waiting until I had everything just perfect, I decided to start small, do as much as I can myself, and enjoy the process.  It's what life is all about...enjoying the journey, not racing to the destination!

Happy launch day!  I'm making this kind of a "quiet launch" so that I can get my bearings and all, but welcome, I'm SO GLAD you're here, and once again, thanks for being with me on this!


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